Team up with Kompano

Autonomous deleafing is here

Team up with Kompano

Autonomous deleafing is here

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Autonomous deleafing

Extending your team with Kompano means enhancing it with a fully autonomous deleafing robot dedicated to aid in managing tomato crop. Kompano moves through the greenhouse independently and safely whilst working alongside other employees. 

When the daily shift ends, Kompano continues – guaranteeing a 24/7 workflow. Its flexibility and continuity make Kompano an ally and an investment you can count on.

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Designed to perform, built to last

Key Performance Indicators

An overview of Kompano's KPIs



24 hours, 7 days a week


Weekly range

Deleafing up to 1 hectare per week



More than 85% accurate deleafing

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Settings & Preferences

An overview of Kompano's key settings


Adjustable height

Customize your deleaf zone


Pace & Positioning

Adjust the Kompano's pace and schedule its position



Schedule your UV-C system to your needs

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Kompano Deleafline

A robust and durable robot designed to perform in the harsh greenhouse environment, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Kompano Me

Always connected to your Kompano with this intuitive cloud-based software. Available on iOS, Android and web via our secure Priva cloud.

Kompano Care

Providing you as a grower with the service and support you need to keep the Kompano in operation. 365 days per year.

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Kompano makes it easier for you as a grower to manage your workforce. Kompano is easily controlled by a smart device and adjustable to users' preferences and requirements.

Kompano will operate perfectly alongside staff and take care of the more laborious tasks. Kompano Care offers support to train staff to operate the equipment and a comprehensive service program. In doing so, we ensure your Kompano stays up-to-date, maintained and fully operational.

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Kompano Me

Your Kompano moves through the greenhouse safely and independently whilst working alongside other employees. 

Preferences and requirements are easily set-up using our intuitive software, allowing you to schedule and manage Kompano’s workflow. This leaves you in complete control of your resources, planning and workload. Professionalizing your working environment has never been easier.

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Future proof your greenhouse

This may sound like the future to you, but Kompano is here today. Our first autonomous robots have hit the market and are proving their worth in multiple greenhouses. But we won’t stop here; our ambitions in offering exciting labor automation solutions are high and we’re taking serious steps to get there.

Our experts are happy to talk to you about the possibilities of future-proofing your team through labor automation.

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Kompano Specifications


5 kWh


425 kg


191 cm


88 cm


180 cm

Arm extension

125 cm