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Curion for strawberries

Quality prediction > Done. 

Currently in pilot version working at partners, Curion shows very promising results concerning harvest prediction. Together with IUNU, Octiva is finetuning the algorithms to enable full crop prediction including detection of plagues and diseases. 

How it works

  • Curion counts the amount of flowers and berries per ripeness stage 
  • Ripeness assessment and anomaly detection gives you a clear view on the state of your crop
  • Complete harvest prediction 
  • Disease and plague monitoring based upon visual analysis


Integrated with IUNU

By partnering with IUNU, Octiva has access to best-in-class AI powering up scouting robot Curion. 

HubSpot Video

Why Curion? 

  • allow for a complete monitoring of your crop, instead of limited sampling
  • see what you need to see: your attention will be drawn to deviations in the growing system
  • use advanced monitoring as input for your breeding program
  • track daily changes in ripeness
  • extendable with the evolution of crop properties such as size, shape and inflorescence structure
  • works completely autonomously, no extra work
  • modular system
  • no structural changes to your infrastructure needed