Lumion for strawberries

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Octiva is the leader in UV-C treatment for powdery mildew control in strawberries production and propagation. Ultraviolet-C (in short: UV-C)  radiation is proven efficient in reducing the development of diseases in crops such as strawberries. Several studies confirm effectiveness of its disinfecting effect, and even describe that it might stimulate plant defenses and increase shelf life. A clear advantage for growers that are concerned with residue reduction and quality of their produce.

How it works

  • UV-C treatment for full control of powdery mildew, leaving up to 51% less residue on the fruits
  • Makes the plant more resistant to pests and diseases in general
  • UV-C also helps in controlling other diseases and pests including Erwinia and Xanthomonas
  • Treatment can be done at the most ideal time for the plant: at night
  • No risk for humans, because treatment happens fully autonomously without any human nearby
  • No negative impact on the plant, the fruit or the biology (beneficials)
  • Lamps are automatically switched on and off when in the central aisle
2021 Lumion unbranded

Why Lumion? 

  • Residue reduction
  • Save on crop protection
  • No impact on harvesting activities as treatment happens overnight
  • Works completely autonomously, no extra work
  • Modular system
  • No structural changes to your infrastructure needed

Supported by research

Not only do we have the largest installed base of all soft fruit UV-C robot producers, giving us years of experience in this domain have given us a clear competitive advantage, we also have long-lasting collaboration with the world's leading research institutions. For example, we have a vast knowledge about the right application conditions thanks to the ground breaking research performed by Research Centre Hoogstraten, and receive ongoing feedback thanks to collaborations such as Delphy Innovative Soft Fruit Centre. 
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