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How it works

  • UV-C treatment for full control of powdery mildew, leaving up to 51% less residue on the fruits
  • Makes the plant more resistant to pests and diseases in general
  • UV-C also helps in controlling other diseases and pests including Erwinia and Xanthomonas
  • Treatment can be done at the most ideal time for the plant: at night
  • No risk for humans, because treatment happens fully autonomously without any human nearby
  • No negative impact on the plant, the fruit or the biology (beneficials)
  • Lamps are automatically switched on and off when in the central aisle


Why Lumion? 

  • Residue reduction
  • Save on crop protection
  • No impact on harvesting activities as treatment happens overnight
  • Works completely autonomously, no extra work
  • Modular system
  • No structural changes to your infrastructure needed
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