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Lumion for vine crops

Crop protection > Done. 

Octiva has built up a lot of experience in the application of UV-C to strawberries, but has also performed years of research on the benefits for vine crops such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Together with leading research institutions and in collaboration with innovation partners, we have Lumion treating vine crops across the world. 

How it works

  • UV-C treatment for full control of powdery mildew, leaving less residue on the fruits
  • Makes the plant more resistant to pests and diseases in general
  • UV-C also helps in controlling other diseases and pests
  • Treatment can be done at the most ideal time for the plant: at night
  • No risk for humans, because treatment happens fully autonomously without any human nearby
  • No negative impact on the plant, the fruit or the biology (beneficials)
  • Lamps are automatically switched on and off when in the central aisle
Lumion vine crops
Lumion vine crops day portrait

Why Lumion? 

  • Residue reduction
  • Save on crop protection
  • No impact on harvesting activities as treatment happens overnight
  • Works completely autonomously, no extra work
  • Modular system
  • No structural changes to your infrastructure needed